our Story

We are currently building a brand new Craft Brewery in Blueridge Business Park in Dubbo NSW, Australia. Yes, Dubbo, home of the world famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo, will soon also have its very own craft brewery.

We have thought long and hard about the location of the venue, the layout of the venue and most importantly the vibe of the venue, and we think we’ve got the mix right.

We can’t wait to show you our venue taking shape, but until then we will be sharing the story of;

  • why craft beer,

  • why dubbo, and

  • why the hell would friends embark on this adventure into craft beer?

Before we start sharing that story though, we want to share with you what we all passionately believe.

We believe that for any business, particularly a hospitality venue like ours, you need to make sure that you get the 3 wow’s right.

  • Wow with the venue

  • Wow with the product

  • Wow with the service