Our Beer

It’s been a hard job taste testing & researching these beer styles, but someone’s got to do it

We will be updating our beers list as they released, so check back here regularly!


Dub Vegas


3.3% ABV 15 IBU

If you're a local, then you know there is only one name for Dubbo, DubVegas.
So when we were thinking about what our drinkable, sessionable midstrength craft beer might be, there was only one name that would fit the bill.

Dub Vegas
This is our everyday lager and flagship beer. Brewed with pilsener and cara pils malts.
Light on colour & flavour, big on drinkability. If you're a great northern drinker and don't like this one - you aren't trying hard enough!

Rather than dancing girls on the label, or images from the Las Vegas strip, we went with one of Dubbo’s key strengths, our tradie network. Dubbo is a regional city that is lucky enough to host a wealth of tradies. That’s why one of them is on the label.

We won’t say which one! Try and guess!

And we know that come 4pm, they like nothing more than kicking back after a hard day on the tools enjoying a glass of Dubbo’s finest.

Dubbo - you're welcome 😜


Nun Launcher

Pale Ale

4.2% ABV 25 IBU

Our everyday Pale Ale is a light thirst-quenching pale, with a firm bitterness and, aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. A whole lotta yum!

Four of our founders all went to school together in Dubbo and they remember well when St.Brigid’s Church was rebuilt, with its distinctive spire. There are not many churches that can boast a launch pad straight to the heavens in the design, but we can!

The locals fondly refer to this as "The Nun Launcher". Cheeky devils!


Small Arms

German Style Lager

4.4%ABV 30 IBU

There is a lot of history in this one. Did you know that there was a Small Arms Factory in Dubbo?

It was one of a chain across Central West NSW that fed into the larger Arms facility in Lithgow, all building parts for the Vickers Machine Gun.

You may know that story, but did you know that apparently the facility was infiltrated by German spies?

Is it true?

We like to think it is (hence it's a German Style Lager), but we also like to think of the factory staffed by many women. Hence our nod to ‘Rosie the Riveter’ in the label design.

In the words of our brewer, "It's turning out to be better than we could have hoped for". "Lovely light hop aromas, great balance. Great everyday lager with lots of great appeal”.


Nosey Bob

Red Ale

5.2% ABV 35 IBU

Robert "Nosey Bob" Howard had the rather gruesome job of being the NSW State Hangman & presided over seven executions at the Old Dubbo Gaol in the late 1800's.

His nickname 'Nosey Bob' was the result of him losing his nose whilst working as a handsome & successful cab driver in Sydney throughout the 1870's. Unfortunately, one of his horses was suffering from a bit of road rage & kicked him in the face, completely obliterating his nose! He was unemployed for a long time & out of desperation took on the state's first salaried hangman.

You can read more about the gruesome story of Nosey Bob at the Old Dubbo Gaol but word has it, he wasn't very good, however he did like a beer!

Unfortunately for him, it is said that whenever he ventured out to his local, the publicans would smash any glass that he had drunk from "It would do my business no good if I gave men glasses into which Nosey Bob had dipped his nose-if he had one”. Poor old Nosey Bob.!

We encourage you to toast his memory whenever you come in and enjoy a schooner of our Red Ale. It's a good one! This is what Lachie (our brewer) had to say "OMG! American hop aromas to die for, great malt body".


Flash Kate


5.9% ABV 55 IBU

When thinking about what to call our IPA, we knew we had to go with something that would pack a punch, literally!

Catherine Mary Josephine Leigh, better known as 'Flash Kate', was born in Dubbo. Along with her arch rival Tilly Devine, they were known as two of the toughest gangsters in Sydney. You may have seen their rivalry play out on TV during the Underbelly series on Sydney gangsters.

Their battle to become the ‘Queen’ of the Sydney underworld fuelled the razor gang wars of Darlinghurst, which lasted from 1927 to 1930. To separate these two, the Courts sent Kate back to Dubbo for two years. At this time she opened ‘Flash Kate’s Casino and Brothel’, now the site of the Milestone Hotel Dubbo

She is also supposedly to have said “I’d rather be dead than in Dubbo!”

Nasty bit of work, Huh!

But there is nothing Nasty about our Flash Kate IPA.

Bitey, hoppy, with a solid malt base. One for the crafties.