Nosey Bob

red ale 5.2% ABV 35 IBU


Nosey Bob

Red Ale

5.2% ABV 35 IBU

Robert "Nosey Bob" Howard had the rather gruesome job of being the NSW State Hangman & presided over seven executions at the Old Dubbo Gaol in the late 1800's.

His nickname 'Nosey Bob' was the result of him losing his nose whilst working as a handsome & successful cab driver in Sydney throughout the 1870's. Unfortunately, one of his horses was suffering from a bit of road rage & kicked him in the face, completely obliterating his nose! He was unemployed for a long time & out of desperation took on the state's first salaried hangman.

You can read more about the gruesome story of Nosey Bob at the Old Dubbo Gaol but word has it, he wasn't very good, however he did like a beer!

Unfortunately for him, it is said that whenever he ventured out to his local, the publicans would smash any glass that he had drunk from "It would do my business no good if I gave men glasses into which Nosey Bob had dipped his nose-if he had one”. Poor old Nosey Bob.!

We encourage you to toast his memory whenever you come in and enjoy a schooner of our Red Ale. It's a good one! This is what Lachie (our brewer) had to say "OMG! American hop aromas to die for, great malt body".