Flash Kate

india pale ale 5.9% abv 55 ibu


When thinking about what to call our IPA, we knew we had to go with something that would pack a punch, literally!

Catherine Mary Josephine Leigh, better known as 'Flash Kate', was born in Dubbo. Along with her arch rival Tilly Devine, they were known as two of the toughest gangsters in Sydney. You may have seen their rivalry play out on TV during the Underbelly series on Sydney gangsters.

Their battle to become the ‘Queen’ of the Sydney underworld fuelled the razor gang wars of Darlinghurst, which lasted from 1927 to 1930. To separate these two, the Courts sent Kate back to Dubbo for two years. At this time she opened ‘Flash Kate’s Casino and Brothel’, now the site of the Milestone Hotel Dubbo

She is also supposedly to have said “I’d rather be dead than in Dubbo!”

Nasty bit of work, Huh!

But there is nothing Nasty about our Flash Kate IPA.

Bitey, hoppy, with a solid malt base. One for the crafties.