Dub Vegas

mid strength lager 3.3% abv 15 iba


If you're a local, then you know there is only one name for Dubbo, DubVegas.
So when we were thinking about what our drinkable, sessionable midstrength craft beer might be, there was only one name that would fit the bill.

Dub Vegas
This is our everyday lager and flagship beer. Brewed with pilsener and cara pils malts.
Light on colour & flavour, big on drinkability. If you're a great northern drinker and don't like this one - you aren't trying hard enough!

Rather than dancing girls on the label, or images from the Las Vegas strip, we went with one of Dubbo’s key strengths, our tradie network. Dubbo is a regional city that is lucky enough to host a wealth of tradies. That’s why one of them is on the label.

We won’t say which one! Try and guess!

And we know that come 4pm, they like nothing more than kicking back after a hard day on the tools enjoying a glass of Dubbo’s finest.

Dubbo - you're welcome 😜