What's a Pale Ale

Well contrary to what the name implies, a PALE ALE is not that - PALE.


The name originally comes from the type of barley used (being pale malted barley) and the fact that they were paler in colour than the porters and dark ales that were brewed in England at this time. Pale Ales started to appear in the pubs & taverns of the UK around 1703.

They vary in both aroma and taste and there are considered to be 4 key styles, with variations within those.

  • American Pale Ale ( huge citrus, piney hop notes & a medium bitterness level)

  • India Pale Ale or IPA (it's a bigger version, both alcohol, bitterness and hops than the American Pale Ale

  • Australian Pale Ale  - or

  • English Pale Ale (caramel sweetness in the malt and earthy hops)

Our Nun Launcher is an Australian Pale ale, but it leans very much in the direction of a modern Australian Pale Ale rather than the traditional Australian pale ale. Our Pale Ale contains Australian Pale Malt, Oats & Wheat, Australian Hops (Ella, Galaxy & Cascade).


Traditional Australian Pale Ales are derived from the great Australian industry pioneer - Coopers.

Whilst many Australian beer lovers have a deep and abiding affection for Coopers Pale Ales, tastes have moved and there has been huge developments in hop varieties in the last 10 years. Today Modern Australian Pale Ales tend more towards fruiter flavours (like tropical, melon & stone fruits) ideal for our climate and our long hot summers.

Don’t however confuse fruitiness for sweetness or a lack of taste.

These types of Australian Pale Ale’s are made for easy drinking. So of course this one was top of our list to produce.

What Glass should I use?

A pint glass or similar - but try drinking them from an oversized red wine glass. Yes - Beer in a wine glass!

This showcases the fantastic aroma of the pale ale and as taste is 70% smell, this is very much worth a try.

What Food goes great with this?

Anything you would eat in summer - Seafood, BBQ Meat of any kind or some great Thai.

When Should I drink this?

It’s a great all round drink as an alternative to a lager, but we especially love it in summer.