Thirsty & Intrepid? Come and try a Red Ale

What is a red ale?

Great question - it is an elusive style of beer to define.

In our research, we thought this quote from Maggie Savarino from 2012 really summed up our thoughts well.

”red ale - that deep-hued, rich ale that satisfies like a big red wine and ends with a crisp finish like a white. Red ales live on the margin of beer styles, waiting to be discovered by the thirsty and intrepid.”

Thirsty and intrepid, now there is a line that we could relate to!


Red Ales, unlike Amber Ales, use specialty roasted malts that create a unique complexity within the finished beer and gives it a sweeter, butterscotch or caramelized flavor. I know, how awesome does that sound!

Hence the move from a big red wine, through to that white wine finish.

It’s a perfect winter ale.

Red Ales originated in Europe and refers to styles of beer that are dark red or are reddish in appearance. It’s not a beer that you will see a lot of on the shelves of your local bottle shop. This brew style is waiting to be discovered.

A little like the history of the old Dubbo Goal, not many people may know it exists, but when they visit it stays in their memory. Hence why we selected Nosey Bob to be the name of this beer style, it’s a story to remember.

This brew can range from a light amber/red to a dark brown with red hues. They also have certain contrasting element that attracts many of its drinkers. While Red Ales are darker and usually rich, they also contain components of a much lighter beer with a dry, crisp and hoppy finish. These beers pair wonderfully with food due to their robust nature.

What our Lachie, our Head Brewer says

OMG! American hop aromas to die for, great malt body - will please Pale and IPA drinkers.

What Glass should I use?

A pint glass or similar - something you might drink a stout in, so a traditional tulip style glass is best. You really need a glass that has a wider head on the top to accommodate the crowning heads.

This showcases the fantastic aroma of the pale ale and as taste is 70% smell this is very much worth a try.

What Food goes great with this?

Anything you might enjoy with red wine will be great with a red Ale. Think any kind of red meat, great steak or a fantastic cheese board, especially cheddar will balance the fabulous caramel malt flavour.

Anything a little spicy will also work well with a Red Ale as the caramelised malts will be a great balance to flavours of a good curry.  Another great choice would be soup, especially on a cold and wintry day.

When Should I drink this?

Winter in particular, sitting around a fire, anytime you might reach for a glass of red, is the perfect time to reach for a glass of our red ale.