So what exactly is craft beer?

In the last 5 years or so, the Australia beer market has seen an explosion of small, independent brewers muscle their way into the beer market.

The phenomenon of craft beer has been growing rapidly like this all over the world, Australia is a little late to the party, but like any good party - it’s always better when everyone is in the swing of things!

So what exactly is a craft beer?


What defines a small independent brewery and why is this kind of beer something you should be putting into your glass, right now?

This is what some of our founders & key people from the Devil;’s Elbow crew have to say on this matter.

a flavoursome premium product made with love and imagination.
— Ceri - Owner, Events, Craft Beer Drinker
Better beer with a nicer taste.
— Lara - Owner, Venue Manager, Craft Beer Drinker ( especially those hoppy ones!)
A hoppy beer with a delicate taste.
— Adam - Owner, Venue Manager, Coffee Roaster, Craft Beer Drinker
Better Tasting Beer
— Melissa - Operations Manager, Craft Beer Drinker
Friendly, Cool, Nice, Better
— Paul - Owner, Builder, Craft Beer Drinker
it’s a more refined taste and I really like that.
— Dave - Owner, Financial Advisor, Craft Beer Drinker
Artisan Beer
— Ali - Owner, HR, Soon to be craft beer lover
It’s a more enjoyable drink with wonderful aromas and flavours

— Leanne - Owner, Marketing, Craft Beer Drinker
a whole heap of flavour goodness in a glass. Always a glass.
— Brendon - aka @beerboiker, Owner, GM, Craft Beer Lover
Craft Beer produced by an independent brewing company that says we can do it better!
— Lachie - Head Brewer, @grainfed_beer, Craft Beer Creatorr Extra-ordaire, Craft Beer Lover