Little Brewing Company and Black Duck Brewery - Port Macquarie April 2017


We really had no idea what we needed to do, the equipment, the process, the raw materials we had so many questions that needed answers.

We headed first to regional breweries to get a feel for how a craft brewery would become part of the life of the community and how readily locally brewed craft beer was accepted into more traditional beer drinking towns.

What we discovered was that the craft beer industry was like no other business we had experienced.

People where incredibly welcoming to us and keen to showcase their venues, their products and to share with us what they had learnt from running a craft brewery.

Our visit to Port Macquarie was a sign of things to come.

We visited the Little Brewing Company and also Black Duck Brewery.

At this stage of our beer tours, our photos are not the best and we spent a fair bit of time tasting and exploring brew kits.

What did become clear to us very quickly though was ensuring we had the right brew kit from the beginning, particularly in terms of the size as well as making sure that the layout of the Brew-Kit would work for the kind of venue we wanted to build. We also realised that we need to make sure we had enough space to grow.

Ensure that we didn’t outgrow the brewery would be something that we would hear over and over during our beer tours.

Little Brewing Company - home of Wicked Elf in Port Macquarie

Black Duck Brewery - Port Macquarie

Leanne O'Sullivan