Ironbark Brewhouse - Hunter Valley April 2017


So we landed back in Australia and thought, where do we start?

We thought it would be smart to start relatively local with some people we know.

So we headed off to IronBark Hill Brewhouse to check out their brewkit. It was a 600L system which we thought might be too small for what we had in mind.

Go big or go home is a motto of ours.

The brewkit however complimented the location really well. They were situated in a fabulous location, in the grounds of Peter Drayton Wines with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Perfect for enjoying a sample of craft beers. We loved this feel.

We also loved the handmade touches of their tasting paddles.

They had a small bottling line and their range included Summer Ale, Pilsner, American Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale & Schwarzbier (stout)

Their also supplemented this with some seasonals including Brexit English Ale, Far Canal Lager, Hefeweizen (wheat), Anniversary Ale, Old Nessie Scottish Strong Ale and one of my stout favourites, the Black Forest Stout.

Leanne O'Sullivan