Black Horn

dark ale 5.5 ABV 25 IBU


You might think that this beer type is just for those of you who might be on the 'other side' of the age hill.

But we believe that Dark Ale is another unrated beer type in Oz. We tend to be a little wary of dark beer, but Dark beers can be just as drinkable and thirst quenching good as the amber ales you are use too.

So why the Black Horn? Well firstly Dubbo is home to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo and a world renowned black rhino breeding program.

But the real reason that this beer is called the Black Horn, goes back to that trip in South Africa. Our intrepid founders went on a little foot safari at the Big Game park in Phinda and found ourselves just a little too close to an actual Black Rhino. Holy Crap! Not a moment for the faint hearted. 🦏

Just as well our big burly founders where on the case.... not!

Yep - they bravely threw their wives in front of them in their haste to get away.

True story - ask to see the video!